5 Basic Moneymakers for Email Marketers


Kristen Morales, Senior Director of Client Services

Author Bio

As senior director of client services at Bronto Software, Kristen Morales oversees an organization that encompasses professional services, technical support and deliverability. She is responsible for the planning and growth of the services organization, including all service offerings, operations, delivery and sales training. Morales has a multi-channel marketing and consulting background and over 12 years of email marketing experience. In her past Bronto life as a marketing strategist, she spoke regularly at industry conferences and has been featured in industry publications such as Chief Marketer and MarketingProfs.

We may be in the middle of the lazy days of summer, but that doesn’t mean you should just kick back and take it easy when it comes to your email marketing. What better time to reflect on your current program and whether you’re doing everything you can to amp it up and make it rock.

We’re often asked for the best ways to create an even more positive brand experience and boost the bottom line. If you want to make an immediate impact on revenue, consider these five basic moneymaking tactics if you haven’t already. Then, sit back and watch the results roll in!

1. Remailing

Put simply, remailing is sending the exact same message with a new subject line several days later to those who didn’t open the email the first time around. Seriously, it’s probably the easiest way for you to make more money. Our recent benchmark study, “We Asked, They Answered: Top Commerce Marketing Tactics Shared,” confirmed this as one of the top tactics used by our clients. One even commented, “It’s like printing money!” Need more convincing? Exeter-based The Gro Company used the “amazing tool” as part of its marketing strategy and said it “could almost copy and paste the metrics from the first 24 hours of the send to the remail a week later.” Now those are some awesome results!

2. Refer-a-Friend Campaigns

Encouraging your subscribers to forward your email to their friends and family is another great way to drive additional revenue. And refer-a-friend campaigns tend to generate more revenue than standard offers. Don’t believe me? Go ahead and do an A/B split test to compare your response to these offers with standard offers. Trust me: You’ll see what I mean.

3. Welcome Series

Roll out the welcome mat! Used by 74% of our survey respondents, a welcome series is a very focused message series that introduces people to what you have to offer, tells them why they should care about your product or business, and hopefully inspires them to convert early on. It can really pay off, but don’t just take our word for it. Conversion rates for the welcome series that Swedish brand Dr. Denim introduced are 5x higher than its average marketing messages. Wouldn’t you like to see results like that?

4. Birthday Triggers

Birthdays messages can be another big revenue driver. If you’re not using this strategy already, make sure you’re collecting birthday data from subscribers at opt-in or as part of your preference center. This allows you to send personalized offers, in a triggered fashion, to subscribers when their birthdays roll around. What do other commerce marketers think about these campaigns? A whopping 92% of those who responded to our survey dubbed this strategy as effective.

5. Post- or Lapsed-Purchase Series

Last but not least, consider communicating with recent buyers to try to get them to convert again. These strategies often involve offering discounts or recommending items with up-sell/cross-sell campaigns. You can also create a campaign for those who have been away for a while. Segment your list to find those lapsed purchasers, and send them an offer that’s sure to entice them back to your site once more. Dr. Denim added both to their marketing plan and have seen open rates of over 45% for each series.

What are you waiting for? Give it a shot! These simple proven moneymakers may be just the thing to give you the revenue boost you’ve been looking for.

Want to see what other tactics your fellow commerce marketers are using and which ones are most effective? Download the complete benchmark study.


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