Email Marketing Trends for April 2012

Jim Davidson

Following the first Email Trend Report on the Bronto Blog last month, we continue monitoring the increase in email volume.

Email Volume by Day

April email volume increased over the previous month with the week of 4/23 seeing a large spike. Many brands began their strong Mother’s Day campaigns.

April 2012 Email Volume Small

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Email Volume by Day of Week

Mondays saw the most volume in April. Subtle shifts were seen throughout the week.

April 2012 Email Sends by Day of Week

Emails Sent per Brand

The most frequent mailer sent 81 messages.  Last month’s most frequent sender decreased volume from 90 messages in March to only(!?!) 75 in April.  Brands sent an average of 10 emails in April.

April 2012 Emails Sent by Brand

Subject Line Trends

April’s longest subject line was a whopping 219 characters.  That’s 19 more characters than March’s record holder. The subject line ends with a comma hinting that the original subject line may have been even longer.

April 2012 Email Subject Line Length

Longest: Belle & Clive: “Bluefly presents Belle & Clive: Proenza Schouler, Gucci, Salvatore Ferragamo, Mignon, Kenneth Jay Lane, Matt and Nat, L.A.M.B., Edun, Geren Ford, Cult of Individuality, Prada, Hogan, Kevia, Sam & Lavi, Bogosse, Julieri,”

Shortest: (Tie)

Newport News: “Gotcha!”

Omaha Steaks: “Shh…”

The Tiny Dozen” features subject lines that are 12 characters or less to give you ideas to keep it short and sweet!


The Tiny Dozen
Brand Subject Line Count
Newport News Gotcha! 7
Omaha Steaks Shhh… 7
Newport News Get Out! 8
Newport News Qwik Pix 8
Spiegel Sale On! 8
Spiegel Set Sail 8
Newport News Bring It! 9
Newport News Fab Faves 9
Newport News Glam Rock 9 OMG Sale! 9
Brooks Brothers $2,000.00? 10
Bergdorf Goodman 5F Brights 10
Newport News Hi Lo YOLO 10
Black Fleece by Brooks Brothers Luminosity 10
Spiegel Luxe Looks 10
Newport News Boho to Go! 11
Newport News Bottoms up! 11
Brooks Brothers Derby Ready 11
jcpenney Do The Math 11
Spiegel Fashion Fix 11
Spiegel Good To Go! 11
New York & Company Here’s $100 11
Spiegel Look sharp! 11
Newport News Look Sharp! 11 New To Sale 11
jcpenney Pool Party! 11
Buckle Short Takes 11
New York & Company TODAY ONLY! 11
Newport News What’s new? 11
Spiegel Wild Thing! 11 24-HOUR SALE 12 48-HOUR SALE 12
Spiegel Chic Choices 12
Newport News Cool Collage 12
jcpenney Don’t Resist 12
J.Crew Lady in pink 12
Newport News Sheer-iously 12
Spiegel This Just In 12
Newport News Wear It’s At 12 Weekly Deals 12 What’s News? 12

April 2012 Subject Line Word Cloud:

April Email Subject Line Word Cloud

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Shipping gifts to Mom contributed to the biggest M-o-M shift is the increase of free shipping promotions.

April 2012 Email Promotional Mix

Please let me know if there are other trends that you would like to see in the monthly Email Marketing Trend reports.

Jim Davidson
Manager of Marketing Research

  • Mikal

    Isn’t it April which has Monday as most volume by day? Friday is most volume in March. Or am I looking at something different?

    • Jim Davidson

      You are correct! Thanks for catching the typo. This has been corrected.