Ecommerce Isn’t Getting Any Easier

Waynette Tubbs

One of the main reasons we organized our City Tour was the opportunity to bring together some of the brightest minds in commerce marketing to share their wisdom and best practices. And that was all on display during the customer panel at City Tour London: “The Whys and Hows to Building Better and Bigger Retail Successes.”

The biggest takeaway: Ecommerce isn’t getting any easier.

“Customer expectations have increased,’’ says Simon Hogg, Digital Marketing Manager for Bestway Wholesale, the largest independent food wholesale group in the United Kingdom. To meet those expectations, Bestway has made a big push in the past year to make its marketing messages more personal. “We take a lot of pride in the strength of our customer relationships – some customers and staff have known each other for 20 years. Personalized emails are one of the main ways we try to replicate those relationships online,” Hogg said.

But for a multi-channel, international company, engaging and inspiring customers across different cultures can be challenging. NYDJ is a women’s fashion brand with stores and websites that serve multiple European markets. “What will work in Great Britain might not work in Germany,’’ says Eduard Brenninkmeijer, E-Commerce Manager with NYDJ Europe. And since NYDJ is getting 65% of its ecommerce revenue from existing customers, “we don’t want to get anything wrong.’’

Mobile, social and apps are becoming bigger factors as well. Brenninkmeijer says NYDJ found that 50% of browsing on their site is done via a mobile device. So it made sense to invest in a mobile shopping app. “I believe 150% that when it launches I will earn back the cost.’’

Phil Saunders, Digital Marketing Manager with Mole Valley Farmers Ltd., says that the expanding regional farm and country lifestyle co-op is still experimenting with social media. Traditional email still works well, and Saunders says the company is highly focused on maintaining the trust it’s built for years with its customers. “We have a very high open rate, and that’s because our customers know they’ll get something out of opening our emails.”

All three agree that while text and social are important, email is still critical to driving sales.

Want to learn more about the best and brightest in commerce marketing? If you’re in Australia, join us for the final stop of the Bronto City Tour on November 16. And keep checking the blog for more posts from this thought leadership series. In the meantime, you can find a collection of recently published Q&As with our esteemed City Tour speakers here.


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