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Ken Levy, 4-Tell

Ken Levy, 4-Tell

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Ken Levy, PhD, is CEO and co-founder of 4-Tell, a personalization company that increases sales for online retailers with automated cross-sell and up-sell. Ken is passionate about helping merchants provide online shoppers the best experience possible. You can reach him at

4Tell1If you’re like me, you expect a lot from your shopping experience these days. Ultimately, you want to find what you’re looking for – easily and quickly. But we all have different styles and needs that change from shopping visit to visit and across channels, from in-store to web to email and mobile. As an online marketer, how do you ensure you show the right product at the right time to each individual? Luckily, there are lots of personalization opportunities, and today’s technology enables a one-to-one strategy that’s easy to implement and measure.

If you can personalize across channels the right way, you’ll attract, engage and retain more shoppers. Do it wrong and, well, your competition is just a click away. With 61% of ecommerce sites now using technology to show behaviorally-based personalized content, there’s a good chance the next site will show your shopper (or former shopper) the right product. So don’t be scared, and don’t delay. Give your shoppers what they’re looking for and help them build a connection with your brand.

Keep It Fresh

Your site, both web and mobile, is the easiest place to personalize and make the biggest impact. In terms of onsite personalization, the best bang for your buck is personalized recommendations, also known as related products on a product detail page. Shoppers are smart. They’ll notice if you’re just trying to sell them more stuff, rather than help them find what they’re truly looking for. This is why it’s key to go beyond simple and static category recommendations.

Today’s personalization technology does the tough work for you. It knows whether your shopper has been on your site before, what she’s purchased, what she’s looking at right now, and what she’s most likely to buy, based on this information as well as what others have looked at and purchased. It automatically and quickly combines all of this intelligence to serve up the content she is most likely to engage with. You would see something different than I see, even when we’re looking at the same product.

This type of personalization not only increases onsite conversion (typically by 10-30%), it also provides an engaging experience that’s likely to turn that shopper into a repeat customer. It’s an easy way to stand above your competition.

Plus, it’s measurable and you can prove its effectiveness to your boss! Use Google Analytics to provide KPIs for those shoppers who use the personalization on your site and those who don’t. You can easily compare revenue, conversion, time on site and page views. Personalization is as tangible for you to track as it is for your customer to experience.

Take It One Step Further

Once you’ve got the product page personalization down, consider expanding your efforts.

The next best onsite location for personalization is your cart page. Don’t worry, this absolutely will not cause a higher abandoned cart rate! We’ve measured results for hundreds of merchants and found it’s actually the opposite; shoppers who click on recommendations in the cart are more likely to convert, not less. They’re simply more engaged.

And wouldn’t it be wonderful to automatically keep your home page fresh – and personalized? And what about the hundreds of items within each of your categories? The opportunities are endless. You don’t really want anyone to see your 404 page, but we’ve found it’s a terrific location for recommendations. It’s a graceful way to fail, and it works!

Remember, there’s no manual curation here, no time-consuming pairing of products. Today’s personalization systems collect and analyze the data you already have and automatically provide personalization that easily generates measurable results. Need more proof? Personalization influenced 21% of the 2015 holiday shopping sales for our customers.

Real-World Results

YogaDirect.comHow are retailers today taking advantage of this advanced technology? Just ask Ken Hammond of, a joint 4-Tell/Bronto customer who uses personalization on both his website and in email. Ken says, “I’m always looking for ways to automate and make a better experience for our customers online. The site cannot be static. It has to be dynamic and change as people are clicking on different pages, showing them more relevant results.” Onsite, Ken has seen a 16.7% increase in sales and a 17.3% increase in conversion.

Ken uses true one-to-one personalization in his email campaigns, too, and dynamically displays the right products to shoppers as they open the message. Unlike a living, breathing website, email messages have traditionally been mere snapshots in time. But today, you have the ability to change content every time an email is opened. The same ‘dynamic’ experience shoppers enjoy on your website can now become an integral part of all of your marketing channels.

To learn more about 4-Tell’s Personalization Suite of Products, visit our website.


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