Commerce Marketing Spotlight Series: Let’s Get Personal!


Beth Perry

Our all-new Commerce Marketing Spotlight tour kicks off next week! We’re excited to be hosting this series of free, one-day events around the globe that offer hands-on training, education in commerce marketing best practices and the opportunity to hear about firsthand challenges and successes from some of today’s top marketers.

We’re stopping first in Durham, NC, on September 26, and continuing on to London, New York, Los Angeles, Sydney and Melbourne. As we know not everyone can join us, we thought we’d bring a little of the experience (and our speakers’ expertise) to you.

We took the opportunity to pose a few questions to get their thoughts on several hot topics and industry tactics. Here’s what a few of them had to say:

Today’s topic: What is your most effective strategy for creating a personalized customer experience?

Sophia Jin Marketing Manager,

Our emails are rarely just batch-and-blast. Most of them are either targeted to a specific list or segment, or they include pieces of dynamic content. We look at buying behaviors captured by our data and use them to best market to customers. One unique strategy we have been testing is personalized coupons based on buying behavior so the customer gets the best deal that’s most relevant to them.

Dominique Perri Director, Yoko

We collect a lot of information about our customers to ensure they are sent the most relevant information. Newborn babies have very different needs compared to a child learning to walk, so we market our campaigns accordingly. By knowing the age of a child, we can personalize messages around the appropriate developmental phase so it’s relevant.

Nick Garland Co-founder and Site Architect, The Block Shop

As a relatively small business without all the resources many of our competitors have, we must be very efficient in our approach to personalization and partner with best of breed technology companies. For us, the customer journey always starts in the browser, so we use tools like SLI for personalized search and AddShoppers for personalized onsite marketing. We record our site visitors’ browsing habits, which allows us to automatically email them with browse recovery messaging about products we think they might be interested in. If they add an item to their shopping cart, we retarget them with cart recovery communications. And offsite, we try to personalize their experience using Facebook advertising and browser retargeting.

Kelsey Foy – Director, Retention Marketing, ELOQUII

Outside of segmenting and serving relevant content to customers when they want it, I think a truly personal experience is to do 1:1 outreach to your customer. Get on the phone with the customer, understand what she likes, what she doesn’t like and what you can do to better serve her.

Want to hear more from these and other industry thought leaders? Register today to join us for Commerce Marketing Spotlight in a city near you! And check back here on the blog for more insights from our wonderful speakers.


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