Can You Guess the Email Welcome Series?

Kestrel Lemen

Let’s take a closer look at those first messages you get after subscribing!

A welcome series is a chance to send your strongest messages to a contact during that ‘honeymoon’ period right after they sign up for emails.  We’ve talked before about the importance of a welcome message and how the welcome message should seemlessly connect to the sign up process

However a welcome series is a perfect time to act on this ‘honeymoon period’ for prospects and send them targeted messages that motivate them to purchase.

What kinds of messages should go in my welcome series? 

It’s a prospect’s first time getting messages from you. You have only a few messages to convey:

  • Top Products
  • Your Social Channels
  • A Way to Manage their Preferences
  • An incentive or deal
  • How your company is better than your competitors
  • Here are some more welcome series ideas and even more here.

Time to guess the welcome series!

I love playing detective. After I sign up for an email program I always like to try and figure out what they are up too. Maybe you do the same? 

Let’s take a look at one of my favorite brands, philosophy skin care. As an avid (some would say addicted) skin/beauty products purchaser I love this brand. After signing up for their emails I was ripe for a purchase. What did they send that both welcomed me and encouraged me to purchase?

Here are all the messages I received in the first few months or so from philosophy.

So is there a welcome series? I think so! But what is it? I have no way of knowing! Ahh! 

My best guess…

kestrel, welcome to philosophy we have a gift for you!  

            Initial welcome, gives incentive, sets up expectiations. 

kestrel you’ll <3 these fan favorites

            Shows off top items I may want to purchase right away. Fan favorites is a great way of saying ‘hey, lots of other people like these items, you probably will do, maybe you should buy one of them!’

kestrel, take our quiz to build your custom skin care routine

            Shows me that they have skin care knowledge and gets me to engage. Very smart message, as skin care is the kind of thing where people are very sensitive to personalization on what they buy. 

kestrel let the skin care experts at philosophy help you

            Another way of engaging with me to identify the products I’m most likely to buy. Who doesn’t want an expert to help them with their skin issues?

What do all these messages have in common? They are all helpful, concise and clear.  Given that the relationship is still in the early phase, philosophy does a great job of offering ‘here’s how we can help’ – from a free gift to expert advice. While you may not have those elements to promote, think of how you can offer access to valuable gift guides, how managing email preferences will provide subscribers a catered experience.

A good welcome series seems natural, that’s why the emails from philosophy blend together naturally, but I want to find out..which messages are part of the welcome series! What do you think? Please comment below with your thoughts on philosophy’s welcome series.

Kestrel Lemen
Marketing Strategist at Bronto


2 Responses to “Can You Guess the Email Welcome Series?”

  1. Hi Kestrel,

    Great article and tips. We’re revising our welcome series and agree that Philosophy does a great job in create a natural welcome series. They don’t appear too pushy which is important. Thanks again,


  2. Kestrel Lemen

    Hi Kelsey,
    A welcome series is a chance to show off how awesome you are. It also happens to be a time when you are going to get great open and click rates, this typically results in driving quite a bit of revenue. Do you need to be pushy? No, I think you just need to be smart and put the right message in front of the right person at the right time. Thanks for reading!!



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