Bronto Summit Thought Leadership Series: Is Email Really Dying?

Beth Perry

Bronto Summit kicks off next week, but we couldn’t wait to pick the brains of some of the top commerce marketers who’ll be speaking at the event. So we asked them a few questions about some of the hot topics of the day, and we’ll share their answers here on the blog.

Today’s topic: Is email still the channel to beat, or are other channels making a run for the top?

HollyWrightHolly Wright – Email Marketing Manager, Phoenix Direct

In my opinion, no other channel comes close to having the same ROI as email. However, there is still incredible value in other channels, especially as they become more and more tightly integrated. We’ve yet to see any other digital channel drive as much revenue as email, but as long as paid search, SEO and social media continue to have a positive ROI, there’s still a place for all of them.

FrederiqueMeijerFrederique Meijer – Ecommerce Marketing Manager, JOHNNY WAS

Email is still the channel to beat when it comes to retention – you’re speaking to a qualified audience in a very rich way. But Facebook is definitely emerging as a strong revenue driver as well, with both its robust retargeting possibilities and powerful lookalike audience modeling. In the end though, a strong digital marketing program uses all channels to feed and enhance one another, so it’s all good!

BrettRudolphBrett Rudolph Director of Email Marketing and Native Acquisition, GlassesUSA

I don’t think email has ever really been the channel to beat. It is incredibly important to have a strong email program, but without all of the upper funnel channels, database growth won’t really happen. Email is a channel that helps to convert, but the real time and effort needs to go into finding sources that lead to quality database growth. Email isn’t going anywhere, and I think that it will continue to have a large impact on the buying cycle. But it’s really in a league of its own, and I don’t think that it really competes with other channels.

XeniaWilliamsXenia Williams – Marketing Manager, Cartridges Direct

Email marketing is still by far the one bringing in the most revenue for us. In saying that, however, it’s also important to coordinate all channels to send out a consistent and uniform message. There has to be unity within the marketing strategy.

Want more ideas and best practices from savvy commerce marketers like these? Stay tuned for the next posts in our Bronto Summit Thought Leadership Series. And join us in Miami for Bronto Summit 2016! We have a great lineup this year – including Billy Beane, Executive Vice President of Baseball Operations for the Oakland A’s and creator of the Moneyball philosophy.


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