Bronto Summit Thought Leadership Series: 2016 Predictions

Beth Perry, Content Marketing Editor

Bronto Summit 2016 is just days away! While we hope to see many of you there, we know not everyone can join us in Miami for the big event. So we thought we’d bring a little of the experience (and our speakers’ expertise) to you through our Bronto Summit Thought Leadership blog series.

We approached some of the top commerce marketers who will be presenting at Bronto Summit and asked for their thoughts on a few hot topics and industry tactics, and we’ll be sharing their responses here over the next few weeks.

First up, we asked what they predict will be the biggest breakthrough in omnichannel marketing in 2016. Here’s what the group had to say:

BrettRudolphBrett Rudolph Director of Email Marketing and Native Acquisition, GlassesUSA

I think that moving forward we are going to see a lot more value placed on all steps in the conversion process and a lot more interplay between the different channels. Advances in tracking capabilities and cross-device tracking should all help companies get to the bigger picture and allow them to invest more in different channels that significantly impact growth and acquisition. But I think the biggest breakthrough (or at least i hope) is going to be accurate cross-device retargeting.

BruceCabralBruce Cabral – Director of Ecommerce, PHE, Inc.

Mobile, mobile, mobile! Mobile is driving over 60% of our traffic and just about 50% of our revenue. We only see this continuing to increase in 2016 and beyond. Given that over 80% of our emails are opened on a mobile device, optimization of the mobile customer experience is critical. We curate appropriate products to limit the need to search on mobile, make the offer persistent so customers don’t have to refer back to the message, and make checkout as easy as possible by automatically including any premiums (freebies) and applying any coupons. We also make searching and navigating more intuitive to help customers quickly get to the products they’d like to purchase and check out. This has enabled us to more than double our mobile conversion rates over the last 12 months and capitalize on the increased mobile traffic we’ve seen.

FrederiqueMeijerFrederique Meijer – Ecommerce Marketing Manager, JOHNNY WAS

We are living in an “omnichannel” world. Consumers move very fluidly between ecommerce sites, social media, retail stores, mobile devices and traditional media. In a way, they’re constantly in the shopping mindset. That’s why reducing the friction in their shopping journey will continue to be important – one-click buying, same-day delivery, location-based offers, etc. It’s incumbent upon us as retailers to meet the consumer where they are, when they want.

There’s also an interesting shift happening in how retailers are using their brick-and-mortar stores as part of an omnichannel strategy caused by the rise of in-the-moment, visually-focused social media platforms like Instagram and Snapchat. Retailers are increasingly offering cool, social-media-worthy experiences in their physical stores, focusing less on the hard sell and more on earning organic social buzz from their customers – almost turning the “showrooming” phenomenon that so many retailers feared in years past on its head. It seems the industry is embracing the fact that consumers will purchase on their own terms, and that providing a ‘gram- or snap-worthy experience is a better use of their retail real estate.

HollyWrightHolly Wright – Email Marketing Manager, Phoenix Direct

I think the biggest improvement we’ll see is hyper-personalization across the web, email, social and mobile. By combining data from these different channels and pushing it back out to all of them, you can provide extremely relevant offers on your own site that are reinforced by retargeting on Facebook and display ads. Then follow them with emails and SMS alerts, where appropriate, to reach the magical number of touches needed to convert prospects into customers and first-time buyers into loyal brand enthusiasts. We’re certainly not there yet, but I’m excited by how much closer we’re getting every day.

Want more ideas and best practices from savvy commerce marketers like these? Stay tuned for more from our Bronto Summit Thought Leadership Series. And it’s not too late to join us in Miami for Bronto Summit 2016. We have a great lineup this year – including Daymond John, co-star of ABC’s Shark Tank and the founder and CEO of global lifestyle brand FUBU.