Bring them Back! Quick Tips to Engage Subscribers

Kellie Boggs, Senior Marketing Strategist

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With her experience in developing and growing email and cross-channel marketing programs to drive revenue, Kellie brings a track record of success in building multi-channel campaigns across a variety of industries. By working one-on-one with clients to understand their business model and goals, Kellie provides strategic marketing guidance to increase revenue. Kellie offers experience in providing clients with industry best practices, message design, campaign optimization, list growth tactics, segmentation strategies and detailed analyses of marketing campaigns.

Now that the holidays are well behind us, it’s a perfect time to evaluate your subscriber list and do a bit of house cleaning. Many marketers will find that their lists have a number of subscribers who aren’t engaging and are weighing down important metrics

Why waste your marketing dollars on subscribers who are not opening your messages?! Un-engaged subscribers can not only drive down your metrics, but they can also hurt your deliverability. Before you remove these inactive contacts from your list by running a make-up or break-up campaign, it is important to give these subscribers every opportunity to engage with you before you officially cut them off. By implementing a re-engagement series, the goal is to incentivize and grab the subscriber’s attention before you lose them completely.

Message 1: Strong offer they can not refuse!

These subscribers have been overlooking your emails, so the key here is to make this offer much stronger than the offers they are used to seeing from you. You want to drive them to open your emails, so consider using subject lines that grab their attention, such as “Our Gift to You!,” or “We Miss You, enjoy 20% off!” The email below from 77Kids by American Eagle offers 30% off, which is a great example of an awesome offer that you do not want to miss out on.

77 Kids Email Example

Message 2: Strongest offer you can possibly offer!

For the second message I recommended including the strongest incentive that you can offer and use a subject line that is attention grabbing! Check out the JCPenney example, where they call out that their best offer is “Free Shipping.” Take the time to remind your subscribers the benefits of being on your list and what they are going to be missing out on!

JCPenny Email Example

Message 3: Make up or Break up?!

Within this message be sure to give your subscribers the option to click to continue to receive emails from you, or to unsubscribe. Also, let them know what will happen if they do not respond. Consider using different text or imagery in the message to stand out. In the Gap example I like how the YES button does just that and definitely catches my eye.

GAP Email Example

Here is another example of a “Make up or Break up,” email that doesn’t offer an incentive, but makes the process easy with two clear call to action buttons.

Free People Email Example

Last, but not least, you will want to unsubscribe those contacts who did not click on that confirmation link. Proper list hygiene is essential, so remove subscribers who are un-engaged and pulling down your metrics. At the end of the day you want to be communicating with those subscribers who want to hear from you.

If you want more tips on how to get your subscribers to re-engage, I encourage you to attend my session at the Bronto Summit on “Re-engagement – The Right Approach to Success,” where I will be diving deeper into the different best practices approaches to successfully handle these subscribers. In the meantime feel free to share any re-engagement messages you have seen that catch your eye!

Kellie Boggs
Marketing Strategist at Bronto