Blog Olympics – Passing On the Stick (Again)

DJ Waldow

Last Friday, one of my favorite bloggers – Tamara Gielen of BeRelevant! – posted about the Blog Olympics. Loosely following her rules, I am now going to pass on the stick by listing my *favorite blogs (in no particular order).

*I really really really tried hard to pare the list down to 7-10, but it was impossible. There are just too many great blogs out there. Like Dylan said, I also read many more than those above and am so appreciative of the consistent value they provide to the email marketing industry. Every so often I’ll manage my RSS subscriptions via Google Reader and attempt to delete blogs I don’t read often. Blog delete FAIL. They’re too good.

Rock on.

DJ Waldow
Account Manager at Bronto

  • DJ, we’re so flattered to see that we were included in your list! We are always inspired by your blog, and are delighted to learn that you find value in ours, too :). More of our team members have been contributing, which makes it all that much more exciting… I love seeing the variety of perspectives. Now it’s not just me lusting over Louboutins ;)…

  • @Lisa – I tell it how I see it. Not an easy task to list favorite blogs, right? So many smart people in the industry. Glad to hear your team is growing….