Bigpond is Moving to Hotmail: What Does This Mean for Email Marketers?

Cathie McFarren, Deliverability Analyst

Bigpond (Telstra), Australian Broadband Provider is making a big change that may affect your email marketing deliverability. 

Telstra is lifting and shifting all of their 4.2 million Bigpond customer mail accounts to Hotmail, the process is going to take a while.  Telstra officials say the switch will happen in 2012.  Bigpond is the largest inbox receiver behind Hotmail (they were no. 1 in 2011), they represent a large part of the overall email pie. Under the deal between Telstra and Microsoft, all Bigpond customers will be required to change their username and password to ensure a smooth transition.

So, what does this change mean to senders?

Good News

The 4.2 million Bigpond customers will keep their email address, they will just need to reset their user name and password. This change will be seamless as the back end processing will be supported by Hotmail.

What to expect

We can expect a small increase in bounces for those who never moved their accounts over or from bounces caused from old active abandon addresses. Overall this is very good news for senders as Microsoft has a very solid infrastruture and senders understand their best practice recommendations. It is still unclear if complaints will come in via the current FBL process or if they will create a new FBL.

However the move to Hotmail will enable senders to capture complaints that we have not been able to get in the past. New customers who joined, updated or added additional mailboxes after February 10, 2012 will need to access their Bigpond email with Windows Live through a BigPond URL. Current customers on BigPond MyInbox Service, will need to log in here.

Changes like those at Bigpond are important for email marketers to keep up to date with.  These changes can affect your email deliverability, so stay tuned to the Bronto Blog, as we’ll continue to keep you posted with any major changes in the deliverability world.

Cathie McFarren
Deliverability Analyst


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