Best of the Blogosphere: Week of 8/24

Kelly Lorenz

Bronto Best of the Blogosphere This week there was news from AT&T regarding deliverability issues, a follow-up post from Mark Brownlow with considerations for effectively utilizing video in email, an example of a marketer getting mobile email right, a case study on when testing didn’t work, and a comprehensive post on welcome messages.


  • Chris Wheeler, Bronto’s Director of Deliverability, posted some details on the issues AT&T and corresponding domains are experiencing around receiving email. Yahoo responds to the post in the comments with an update. If you have any questions or concerns on the issues with AT&T, please reach out to Bronto Support at 919-595-2500 Option 2.
  • Once you have made the decision to utilize video in email, you will want to review this follow-up post from Mark Brownlow with some pre-flight considerations.
  • See which marketer gets top marks from Angela Barber on The Email Zoo for designing their email to render effectively in her mobile device.
  • We recommend testing to determine what is most effective, but find out what happens when a marketer isn’t prepared to act on the results in this case study from David Baker on MediaPost.
  • Ed Henrick provides an “all you can eat” buffet on best practices for welcome messages. Dive in today!

Are you utilizing video in email? Share your experience and results in the comments!

Kelly Lorenz
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