Best of the Blogosphere: Embedded Video & the Slow Death of Email?

Kristen Morales, Director of Marketing Services

Bronto Best of the BlogosphereBy far the most intriguing news this week revolves around something that’s been buzzed about all year: video in email. It appears that marketers may now have a new way to embed video into email and if needed, default to a clickable image (the current best practice in our book).

1. Learn more about David Greiner’s HTML5 video tag testing here!

2. Did you catch the Wall Street Journal’s article titled “Why Email No Longer Rules“? Most experts in the blogosphere outright rejected the notion this week. Check out Scott Cohen’s, Mark Brownlow’s, and Laura Atkins‘s pro-email arguments. Right on!

3. Lastly, Melissa at Blue Acorn offers some important Web site preparations to make before the holiday rush begins. You can certainly incorporate many of these strategies in your email as well for holiday success.

Will you try out the new HTML5 tag in your email? What do you think about the WSJ article? We’d love to hear your thoughts.

Kristen Gregory
Email Marketing Strategist at Bronto