What’s Going on Behind the Scenes? Bronto Customers Share 2016 Commerce Marketing Priorities

Susan Wall

Have you ever wondered if you’ve correctly prioritized the right commerce marketing tactics, or if you’re taking advantage of the most effective programs for your business? Do you ever ask yourself if there’s more you could be doing to reach your customers and build or sustain a strong brand?

Well, if you’re curious about what your peers are doing, we’ve got the scoop. We asked 300 of our customers to give us a peek behind the scenes in their commerce marketing departments. In “We Asked, They Answered: Top Commerce Marketing Tactics Shared,” Bronto customers identified the tactics they currently use, those they find most effective and ones they plan to use in the future.

What we learned will help guide you as you plan your strategy and consider new projects to tackle. Here are some of our top findings:

On average, our customers use 7.2 tactics in their current commerce marketing programs. Of course, this varies by industry, with the highest number of tactics used by marketers in the apparel and automotive sector (8.5 tactics on average); followed by grocery and gourmet foods (6.4) and housewares and home furnishings (6.3). Those in the books/movies/music industry employed the fewest tactics (5.8).

Average Tactic GraphTop Commerce Marketing Priorities

The most popular tactics used by commerce marketers today are those with general appeal that any marketer can implement to accelerate revenue growth:

Least Used Marketing Tactics

Most commerce marketers would agree that a personalized customer experience leads to higher engagement and conversion rates. However, usage rates for some of the personalization tactics were quite low. We suspect these tactics represent the next level in sophistication and marketing commitment, and many commerce marketers are not able yet to make that move.

These personalization tactics were among the least used:

Keep in mind that least used doesn’t mean least effective. In fact, when we asked what their priorities are for 2016, many of these tactics were at the top of their lists. If you’re looking for an edge over your competitors, these may be a good place to start.

Moving From Good to Great

Now that you’ve learned about the most and least used tactics, you’re probably wondering, “What tactics are the most effective?” In our survey, the six most effective tactics were:

  • Exclusive email-only offers – 99%
  • Cart recovery emails – 98%
  • Offers in transactional emails – 93%
  • Product status change emails – 93%
  • Birthday/reminder emails – 92%
  • Collecting customer info at registration – 87%

Such strong endorsements should move these tactics to the top of your list of things to test in the coming year if you haven’t yet put them to use. Armed with this information, your competition will be struggling to keep up with you as you leave them in the dust.

For more information, download the full report.

Report Methodology

In November 2015, Bronto undertook a study of 300 of its customers to determine the tactics and tools commerce marketers are using to accelerate growth and increase revenue.


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