5 Holiday Email Marketing Tips to Increase Revenue

Fawn Young

The holiday season is here and holiday email marketing is in full swing. Hopefully you’ve been planning your holiday email marketing strategy for months now and everything is simply on auto pilot at this point, but if not don’t panic! I’ve compiled holiday email tips from the Marketing Strategists here at Bronto. Check out the top 5 holiday email ideas that can help boost revenue.

  1. Remailing: Steve DuBois recommends remailing as such an easy way to drive additional revenue without much effort on your part. Simply change the subject line and re-send the message to anyone who didn’t open it the first time.
  2. eGift Cards: Anna Pfeiffer says it’s helpful to highlight in your campaigns that the perfect gift for anyone is an eGift card. This will be especially important once shipping deadlines have passed and those procrastinators out there still haven’t bought their presents.
  3. Free Shipping Day: Emily Keye reminds us that Free Shipping Day is December 17. This one day, online shopping event is when thousands of merchants offer free shipping with guaranteed delivery by Christmas Eve.  This is a must do for any online retailer looking to get that last minute revenue boost. Don’t underestimate the power of highlighting free shipping for those last minute shoppers!
  4. Friends & Family Campaign: Greg Zakowicz recommends that marketers encourage subscribers to forward your messages on to their friends and family with a dedicated friends & family campaign. Reward them with an extra X% or $ off their purchases for forwarding along your message to their loved ones.
  5. Gift Guide: Kellie Boggs advises marketers to incorporate a holiday gift guide campaign to your email calendar in these last few weeks of December. Feature products within a certain price point (gifts under $25, gifts under $50, etc) or products that are targeted toward a specific audience (gifts for him, gifts for her, etc)

I’ll wrap it up with one more tip that isn’t necessarily a revenue driver but I think it shouldn’t be overlooked. The goodwill message. This is a message that you send out wishing your subscribers happy holidays.  That’s it, there’s no hard close to get that last bit of revenue, just a message that builds a sense of goodwill with your subscribers. It’ll be like a breath of fresh air for your subscribers to get this type of message after all the revenue-driven messages they’ve received in their inbox over the last month. And you may just luck out and get that revenue from them after all! Check out a nice goodwill message sent out last year by Ibex:

IBEX Season's Greetings

We’d love to hear any last minute strategies that you’ve put in place to drive revenue this holiday season. Wishing you the best of everything this holiday season!

Fawn Young
Marketing Strategist at Bronto

6 Responses to “5 Holiday Email Marketing Tips to Increase Revenue”

  1. Great tips for emailing. Email is still a great way to make sure that you are creating more business on a regular basis. Connecting with your clients not only keeps you in their mind, but helps you increase revenue.

    • So true Ryan. I couldn’t have said it better myself. Thanks for commenting and happy holiday emailing!

  2. Remails are still one of my favorite tactics … and most under-utilized! Great post. Love Ibex. Say hi to Jess for me! I remember that holiday email from last year. Well done.

    • DJ, if you liked last year’s holiday email from Ibex, just wait until you see this year’s. I just got a sneak peek and it’s awesome! Thanks for commenting and happy holidays!

  3. Sherin Thomas

    Hmm…this is interesting, thanks for all these tips! I think Remailing and the last one goodwill message is better tips.

  4. bloomtools

    This post is very interesting. Thank you for sharing. Email is great way for increasing business on daily basis.



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