4 Email Marketing Goals For 2009

DJ Waldow

On January 1, Chris Brogan truly inspired me with his blog post, Your 3 Goals For 2009. His basic pitch is quite unique. Instead of thinking of the New Year in terms of resolutions (push), frame your year in “words as goals” (pull). As Chris says, “come up with 3 or so keywords that tie to goals and work from that.” I’d encourage you to read his post for more detail. Don’t forget to check out the comments too. As of January 7th, 2009, there are over 250 comments.

So, how does this tie to email marketing best practices? Well, I thought that instead of the traditional “predictions for email in 2009” or “2009 email resolutions,” I’d frame this year in 4 words that best exemplify where I’d like all email marketers to focus their time and energy. (I know Chris suggests 3, but I couldn’t resist).





Over the next few weeks, I’ll be expanding each of these words into full blog posts. However, these will not be your traditional “follow this best practice” type posts. We’ve all heard these terms before. Some of them may even be written in a document or on the whiteboard next to your desk. Unfortunately, for many, that is where they remain. My goal will be to give you concrete suggestions – transforming static, fluffy words into actionable goals that you can implement (and measure) immediately.

Please feel free to share (comments here or in subsequent posts) what your email marketing goals are for 2009.

DJ Waldow
Director of Best Practices & Deliverability at Bronto