Women in NetSuite Launches in Durham

Cherreka Kiel

Fifty women from various departments at Bronto Durham, all at various stages of their career, with diverse backgrounds, recently came together in the Thunderdome to launch Women in NetSuite (WIN) Durham.

The group met for a lunch and learn presentation, which included introductions of WIN Durham’s founding members (Senior HR Business Partner Georgia Grant, ­VP of Marketing Susan Wall, Senior Manager of Global Learning and Development Molly Powell, HR Generalist Meredith Mckenzie, and me, Manager of University Relations Cherreka Kiel). Susan Wall gave a presentation of stereotypical female archetypes, and Molly Powell introduced the group to the program’s workstreams.

WIN was created with a mission to advance the professional development of women at NetSuite through recruitment, sponsorship, networking, education and advocacy.

After an informal group of nine female NetSuite executives began regularly gathering for lunch to discuss their careers, they recognized the need to develop a more formal group dedicated to improving the career paths for all women at NetSuite. And thus, WIN was born. With strong support from both the board and our executive team, they created a clear charter and an exciting development opportunity for all women in the company.

We currently have WIN chapters at our headquarters in San Mateo, as well as our offices in Boston, Australia, Manila, Denver and Waterloo, and plan to launch chapters in Austin and the UK by the end of the year. What I like most about WIN is that women across the globe within NetSuite are saying, “We should have this.”

Why is this a priority for NetSuite? It’s not just an initiative to provide more career or networking opportunities, although that’s certainly a part of it. WIN makes NetSuite more competitive. Studies have consistently shown that having women in leadership positions leads to more profitable businesses. We also want a diverse workplace. That’s better for everyone at NetSuite, the partners we work with and the customers we serve. Diversity is key to winning the talent war and increasing the bottom line. It’s necessary for our future successes.

WIN at Durham

At the Durham office, we plan to prioritize new programs in recruiting, education, mentoring and networking. We had an amazing turnout at our first meeting and look forward to more engaging and educational opportunities that women (and men) here in Durham can benefit from.


One Response to “Women in NetSuite Launches in Durham”

  1. Rajesh Jagtiani

    ‘WIN’ – amazing how this is what it got coined as. The balance that a woman gets to the table is priceless. When men and women start believing they are on the same team, and not opposite its music for everyone. Good profits as a by-product are bound to happen. Nice to hear of companies with this culture. Keep it up Netsuite!



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