Will Run for Food: Bronto Fall 5K

Jen Stone

Jen Stone

It was a beautiful North Carolina fall day, with temperatures in the mid-60’s and not a cloud in the sky as a group of Durham Brontos met on the American Tobacco Trail for our Bronto Fall 5k.


More than 15 members of us participated in this fun event to promote health and wellness.

Our fastest runner clocked an impressive time of 23:55! Way to go, Chris! However, we recognized many other equally outstanding results that afternoon. Prizes were awarded for: Perfectly Average, Least Prepared Bronto, Best Dressed, Average Attitude, Fastest Walker and You Were Not Last, among other prestigious titles.


It was an excellent opportunity to step away from our desks and spend some time together outside. After the competition was over, Brontos were rewarded with treats (dare we say, cookies), water and a pat on the back. It’s all about balance!

Our Active Committee promotes health, fitness and general wellness through a wide variety of fun group activities. We strive to increase interaction among Brontos while promoting a healthy lifestyle. Our goal is 100% participation, with every single Bronto taking part in at least one health-focused event per year.

This year, we’ve put together baseball and volleyball teams, helped shed some pounds and even sponsored a race. And it doesn’t end there! We have a couple more events planned before the end of the year, so check back to see what we have up our sleeves.

Interested in joining a company that believes in an active, healthy workforce? Bronto even offers a subsidized YMCA membership. So what are you waiting for? Jump in.


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