West Coast Brontos Attempt a Daring Escape

Will Bernstein, Director of Sales - Golden State

Will Bernstein, Director of Sales - Golden State

Author Bio

With over 20 years of technology sales and sales management experience, Will Bernstein oversees Bronto’s California operation as Director of Sales. Prior to Bronto, he built and led a potent sales and marketing organization at ZeroLag, driving sales bookings growth of more than 600% during his tenure. Under Will’s leadership, ZeroLag developed key strategic relationships with Magento / Ebay Enterprise and Dell and earned a spot in the Inc. 5000 list of the nation’s fastest growing companies. Will previously served as Vice President of Sales at Ciplex, where he led the successful reorganization of the company’s sales organization and increased sales bookings by 400% within his first 12 months. During his tenure, Ciplex earned a spot on the prestigious Inc. 500 list two consecutive years.

Earlier this year, Bronto expanded our physical footprint with a west coast office in L.A. Since then, we’ve built a great team and really settled in. After a few months together, we thought it was the perfect time to  embark on a little team-building adventure, and we settled on a fun activity called Escape the Room.

Escape the Room is a challenge where a group enters a room and are locked in until they are able to uncover clues and solve various riddles that ultimately unlock the exit door. Our team was given one hour to escape before “a serial killer comes home and kills us all,” so we entered the room and got right to work.

Although we didn’t escape the room in time and theoretically met our fate, we learned a lot about our teammates and had a great time. Lindsey is cool as a cucumber under pressure, Chase is a natural Sherlock Holmes, Nancy has awesome night vision, Ryan missed his calling as a librarian, Alec has the memory of an elephant, Kyle can smell the difference between vodka, bourbon, and Fireball whiskey, and Will knows how to operate a typewriter.

After the adventure, we all had dinner at Plan Check in downtown L.A. The night was a blast!

Escape the RoomWant to join our awesome team? We’re hiring! Learn more about Bronto and our available opportunities at Bronto Careers.


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