Unlock Your Team Spirit: Mission X Escape

Kari Finn, Event Marketing Specialist

Kari Finn, Event Marketing Specialist

Within five minutes of being locked in a dark room full of objects that were upside down, my team was scouring every item for clues as to how to get out. We were stuck and only had 45 minutes to set ourselves free by solving puzzles, unlocking boxes full of clues and discovering hidden meanings that could lead to our escape.

Every quarter, the Bronto Marketing Team does an activity together to connect, get to know each other a little better, and have fun. Most of our activities are not typical of the usual company team building events, but pretty typical of Bronto Nation. They’re unique, fun, and generally always accomplish the goal of bonding the team.

The activity that day was a physical adventure game where groups of people are locked in rooms that they must escape. The rooms generally differ in difficulty level and have various themes ranging from the spooky to kid friendly.

We split up into three teams and were put in three different escape rooms. There were eight of us on my team including Will, our data guy who led the strategy; David, our team leader and resident gamer; Cathy, one of our writers who was was essential to putting the story together; and Brett, our web developer who proved to be the master puzzle solver. All eight of us brought our unique problem solving skills to bear.

After toiling in the dark with various clues that didn’t seem to add up, one person would suggest a different way to look at a clue, then together we’d figure out the combination to a lock. Every time a locked box was opened or a door was unlocked, the team erupted in cheers and high fives. When we finally did get to the last door opened and escaped, there was genuine glee that we’d worked so well together and discovered a few new things about each other.

I won’t say whether or not my team managed to escape in 45 minutes, or if we were the first team to get out, but we definitely had a blast trying.



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