Triathlon Brontos

Caroline Riddle

Triathlon Brontos

In 2008, Bronto was awarded the accolade of healthiest company by Business Leader Magazine. In 2009, Bronto continues our dedication to a healthy, active environment.

Call it a New Year’s Resolution or just friendly encouragement, Bronto COO Chaz Felix emailed all Bronto employees in January of 2009 asking if they would be interested in competing in one (or several) triathlons throughout the year.  Thirteen employees stepped forward to take the challenge and train together.

Jay Crooker, an endurance coach and software entrepreneur who is an 11-time Ironman finisher and sub 3-hour marathoner, is our guide.  Through on-site and off-site practices, Jay coaches the Bronto triathlon team through swimming, biking, and running; with a focus on training, transitions, and best practices.  Just recently, on Wednesday, June 3rd, Jay led part of the triathlon group on a bike ride through the rolling Forrest Hills neighborhood. Then he described how to transition off the bike and onto a short run, also known as a “brick.”  The group training started and ended at the head of the American Tobacco Trail, just a short distance away from Bronto HQ, allowing the training to occur conveniently during the lunch hour.

In addition to the group practices, Jay is providing even more value to the training regime by giving all participants access to, an online SaaS which allows members to record their training.  This system promotes users to document the times, distances, and intervals at which they train; then allows Jay to oversee their training and make suggestions on how they can improve.

The triathlon season is already off to a good start with Bronto VP of Sales, Matt Williamson, and Bronto COO, Chaz Felix, finishing up the White Lake Sprint Triathlon. However, many of those signed up to train together will participate in the Triangle Triathlon on Sunday, July 12th.  This sprint triathlon is composed of a 750 yard swim, a 17.5 mile bike ride, and a 5K run.  So with a little over a month left to train, we say “Go Brontos Go!”

Caroline Smith
Marketing Operations Associate at Bronto

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