The Power of Words

Mary Flannigan, Customer Success Manager

Mary Flannigan, Customer Success Manager

Bronto’s OWL Committee recently hosted an event featuring guest speaker, Robbie Hardy. Robbie is a serial entrepreneur and author focused on mentorship and empowering women in business.

During our session, she spoke about the importance of both challenging and embracing the power of words. You know, how “sticks and stones may break my bones but words can never hurt me!” She also emphasized the need to become “comfortable with the uncomfortable” to empower us all to grow and lead in our careers.

The event was extra special for me because Robbie was my first mentor when I entered my career (oh so long ago). I am so thankful to have had such an experienced and successful woman willing to mentor me early in my career. She guided me, pushed me and supported me.

To this day, I follow several points that Robbie instilled in me:

  1. Keep it simple. Get to the point, and be confident in your message.
  2. Break it down. When dealing with a complex problem, break it into pieces to see the dependencies. Small changes can lead to big results.
  3. Trust your gut. In both our personal and professional lives, we should trust our instincts and use our strengths.
  4. Be coachable. No matter your age or the point in your career, you never stop learning and growing from interactions with others. Keeping this point in mind is essential for success!
If you don’t have an active mentor relationship, I encourage you to engage in one (or two)! My relationship with Robbie motivated me to give back and serve as a mentor myself. The benefits of such relationships are truly amazing!

For more on Robbie Hardy, check out her book, “Upsetting the Table: Women Mentoring Women,” and her national mentoring program, Lessons Earned. Read more more about our mentorship program here. Looking to work for a company that puts an emphasis on helping you grow? We’re hiring.




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