Tag, You’re It!

Sarah Foulke

Sarah Foulke

What does August mean to you? For many, it’s hot weather and the start of the Olympics. But for the Bronto marketing team, the arrival of August means one thing: our quarterly marketing meeting.

If you’re a loyal Bronto Nation reader, you’ll remember that we organize quarterly meetings to learn what’s new and interesting in our various disciplines and spend time bonding as a team. This month, our bonding activity involved a fierce competition designed to pit us against each other in a heated battle. You guessed it. We played laser tag!

The last time most of us played laser tag was either with our children or during our own childhood. This time around, we played at Hard Knocks, an “indoor war” facility. We split into two teams, named after some of our favorite villains, Cobra Kai and Decepticons, and equipped ourselves with realistic weaponry.


The two teams went head to head on six specific missions, with Team Cobra Kai winning 3 of the 4 death matches.

After Cobra Kai’s victorious triumph, we all recapped our strategies, tactics and stories of valor and defeat over a few drinks.


Wonder what we’ll do next quarter? Keep reading Bronto Nation to find out!


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