Roomful of Rock Stars: A New Bronto’s First Impressions

Nanette George

Nanette George

The first day in a new job is like stepping off an airplane in a foreign city. The experiences, sounds and smells are different. When I walked into Bronto’s office for the first time as a new employee, I noticed the receptionist’s friendly greeting and efficient handling of my arrival. I heard the hum of the industrial fans in Bronto’s renovated space inside Durham’s historic American Tobacco Campus. I smelled fresh coffee brewing in the kitchen.

But my most memorable impressions of Bronto came from my first meetings. In those early interactions with co-workers, I saw what really defines Bronto. It really boils down to this: a roomful of rock stars and a singular focus on customers.

To start, employees at Bronto have great career stories. They’re superstars in their fields, having done amazing things before they joined Bronto. There’s the director of product planning, who was once a product manager for Microsoft and Ford Motor Company. The account manager who was previously a paid search campaign manager for Channel Advisor. The content writer who used to write for People magazine. The IT department staffed by former Apple employees, who issued my laptop and brought me up to speed in my first two hours in the building.

Everywhere I turn, there’s deep expertise available. And every Bronto is looking for ways to improve the experience for customers. Here are a few common qualities I’ve noticed so far:

Brontos often ask, “What’s in it for customers?” The company has a universal view that customers are our most valuable resource. In my short time here, I’ve already seen Brontos field product questions from customers and act quickly on their feedback. I’ve heard Brontos advocate for customers. Intense customer focus is visible across every department.

Brontos listen. There’s a deep respect for people here. This is a good quality in general, but when you work in the ever-changing industry of retail ecommerce marketing, listening well is absolutely essential. You just never know when there might be an opportunity to make something easier, faster or better.

Brontos speak honestly. There’s nothing better than a 10-minute hallway meeting to eliminate the need to meet for 45 minutes in a reserved conference room. When you have the freedom to speak honestly, you get things done faster. Brontos ask questions and speak the truth to one another, and that makes life easier.

I’m delighted when I see one of these qualities in a company, but all three? Well, let’s just say that’s hard to find. In product marketing, the customer is at the center of what I do. Simply put, I don’t understand the product without first understanding the customer.

After six weeks at Bronto, those are my first impressions. I hope that after another six weeks, I’ll have more to say about the Bronto Marketing Platform and the wide array of professional services we provide to our customers. In the meantime, customers can keep an eye out for my first Quarterly Product Update to arrive in your inbox soon!