The Rookie’s Guide to Bronto Summit

Sarabeth Ritch, Account Manager

Sarabeth Ritch, Account Manager

“Excited” doesn’t even begin to describe my feelings of anticipation for Bronto Summit 2016. In preparation, I listened to Will Smith’s “Miami” for weeks on end. But as it was my first time attending the event, I needed more than a theme song to truly feel ready. So, like an overeager student with a fear of showing up to class unprepared, I created “The Rookie’s Guide to Bronto Summit.” Here are a few of my top tips:

1. Bring Lots of Business Cards


The entire event is full of networking opportunities. Whether you’re chatting in between breakout sessions or mingling at the poolside welcome party, Bronto Summit is a great way to connect and collaborate with like-minded professionals.

2. Don’t Forget a Pen and Notebook


There’s nothing worse than missing out on Daymond John’s steps for success because you forgot a pen! There were so many great takeaways from the other keynote speakers as well, including Moneyball’s Billy Beane, ChannelAdvisor’s Scot Wingo and consumer psychologist Kit Yarrow. not to mention the valuable information offered in the 30+ breakout sessions during the event.

3. Take Advantage of the Resources


Our Commerce Café allowed customers to connect with Brontos from various departments within the organization. They were able to score some in-person technical and strategic help from our Bronto experts, all while enjoying a freshly brewed cappuccino.

4. Pack Your Dancing Shoes


If we learned anything from Bronto Summit, it’s that Bronto knows how to throw a party! We celebrated our last night in Miami at Mango’s Tropical Café in South Beach.  The brave participated in salsa dancing lessons, while others enjoyed cocktails and flash tattoos! But nothing beats Bronto CEO Joe Colopy’s impromptu performance with the house band!


Overall, the best advice I can offer to anyone who attends Bronto Summit is to have fun! From stellar presentations to incredible parties, Bronto knows how to host a conference. Even though the event just ended, I’m already ready to book my flight for next year!


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