Relish the Moment: Bronto’s First Hot Dog Competition

Jeff Levy, Software Project Manager

Jeff Levy, Software Project Manager

It can be tough to get back in the work frame of mind the day after the holiday. This year, we decided to start a new tradition here at our headquarters to ease everyone back into their workflow: a hot dog eating contest.

Although everyone was still recovering from food comas after their holiday cookouts, there was a great turnout for our first ever Bronto Hot Dog Eating Contest.  We tried to stay as true as possible to the legendary 4th of July Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest.

How the Competition Worked

See who could eat the most Nathan’s hot dogs in 10 minutes. Five Bronto competitors (Dave, Chris, Gabe, Rick, and myself) duked it out on the field of battle before a stadium (kitchen) full of spectators. The competition was fast and furious, but unsurprisingly, nowhere near the records seen on Coney Island. We still racked up some impressive totals nonetheless.


The competition came down to the wire and ended in a tie for first place between Dave and Rick. The final results:

  1. Dave – 10.5
  2. Rick – 10.5
  3. Gabe – 8
  4. Chris – 6.5
  5. Jeff – 6

Although we might not have toppled Joey Chestnut’s incredible world record of  70 hot dogs and buns, it was certainly a fun event and a great turnout. And don’t worry, all of the leftover hotdogs were quickly gobbled up by the rest of the Bronto team. We can’t wait until next year to do it all again and see if someone can break this year’s record!


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