The Summit Experience! From the Registration Desk…

Mike Ali, Customer Marketing Associate

Mike Ali, Customer Marketing Associate

“Hey! You’re that guy from the registration desk!”

RegistrationDeskRight: Me, probably telling a not so funny joke and people offering pity laughs.

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think about conferences? Keynote speakers? (Ah, Daymond John! Billy Beane!) Giveaways? Those NetSuite sunglasses were pretty sweet. And don’t forget the breakout sessions – basically the meat and potatoes of any conference. But I don’t usually hear too many people talking about the registration desk.

Where’s the love, people?

I get it, I get it. Bronto Summit was packed with so many exciting things to see and do. But why didn’t anyone want to stay and hang out at our fabulous registration desk? I mean, I loved meeting all of you (customers, sponsors, etc.), but our relationship felt so brief to me:

  • You walked up and registered.
  • I handed you a badge and a gift bag.
  • Pleasantries were exchanged, and then you leave.
  • I’m left sobbing over what could have been.

It’s not that I feel hurt – I just think if you got to know the real registration desk, maybe you’d have stuck around.

But it wasn’t all tears and loneliness. Some wonderful people stopped by to check in, ask questions, or give us beach balls (looking at you, Addshoppers). We even had a dog check in!


Pictured: Pumpkin, an astute canine marketing expert

And when you were all hustling to your respective breakout sessions, we were still there at the desk, helping direct folks to the right room and the Commerce Café, or pitching in to scan your badges as you joined one of many awesome sessions.

You see, we were more than just a registration desk—we were the center of fun! (literally speaking since we were located in the middle of the breakout session rooms). We had scanners, inflatable Brontos, gift bags; at one point even Billy Beane walked by us, so we had celebrity status. In my completely unbiased (pretty biased) opinion, we were the best part of Bronto Summit.

But again, I’m sure you’ll be talking more about Scot Wingo‘s forward-looking speech, or Kit Yarrow’s call for us to ‘technovate.’ Just remember: when you’re digging through that Kibo bag to find your cool beach blanket and fancy spiral journal, don’t forget where you picked it up.


Hope to see you again next year!



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