One Bronto, Two Years in London

Sarah Foulke

Sarah Foulke

Of the many great things about being a Bronto, the opportunity to work in our London office for two years has probably been the greatest—both professionally and personally.

I began my Bronto career as an intern in 2010 and started full-time in 2012. In early 2014, I relocated to our London office as the first on-the-ground marketing representative in Europe. We established our physical presence in Europe when our London office opened in 2012, and until my arrival, all marketing activity was being run out of the United States. A number of expats from the American headquarters had already relocated to help grow the office quickly, but they mostly consisted of sales staff. With the number of UK and European events consistently growing, it was imperative that we have someone with Bronto experience there to execute them. We also needed someone who was in touch with the local team and environment to assist with our global marketing initiatives.

When I moved in 2014, our office had less than 15 people and was located in Covent Garden, the touristy center of London. By the time I left, two years later, we had doubled in size and moved to a business district in Farringdon.

Reflecting on my experiences, I’m grateful for the opportunity to have done something so incredible. I went from a well-established office with a large marketing team in a smaller city, to a newly established office with a much smaller team in one of the largest cities in the world. On the job, I was able to grow and develop international experience, gain greater independence and responsibility, and strengthen my skill set as part of a growing team.

Outside of work, there was always something unique and interesting happening on the weekends, and I made lifelong friends from all over the world! I enjoyed lots of music and cultural festivals, experienced the London nightlife, toured historical monuments and checked nine more countries off of my bucket list.

Traveling in Europe

I’m now back in the Durham headquarters, with the majority of our marketing team, and it’s great (albeit a tad bittersweet) to be back!

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