Mission Accomplished

Susan Wall

We were on a mission. We had a mere two minutes to decide our strategy before it was time to put it into action. One by one, we peeled off from the desolate spot we called home base. Two opted to go through the abandoned campsite with its scraggly trees. The rest of us made our way through the building fragments that offered limited protection from our foes.


Our sniper – man, she was good! She took a crow’s nest position and was ever-vigilant in her survey of the landscape. The slightest movement caught her eagle eyes, and the opponent was soon eliminated. Where was that kind and caring colleague I thought I knew so well? Kristen had transformed into a fierce warrior, doing whatever her teammates needed to make sure the mission was successful.

Mr. Commando, aka Jeff T, eagerly faced every fight head-on, plunging into battle and quickly determining if and when our strategy was flawed and how to adapt on the field to improve the odds for success. He adapted quickly and thus was the first to safely make it to the chopper. No big surprise, stealth was the secret weapon that Erik used to his advantage to successfully complete the mission next.

The other team were no slouches either. Clearly skilled at teamwork mixed with individual heroics, they posed a considerable threat to our success. Carolyn ‘accidentally’ wandered into enemy territory to get a jump on her foes and then took advantage of her strategic position. And what about Ryan? He was everywhere I went, determined to thwart my progress to the goal. Had he cloned himself? Every corner I turned, there he was, quick on the trigger and accurate to boot. My howls told all that I had been hit once again. How to outfox him? That was going to be hard!

Finally, Kevin came to my rescue, risking all while leading me through the maze of broken buildings and other obstacles, falling to enemy fire at the last minute, which allowed me to reach the chopper safely. The exhilaration! You just can’t imagine the relief at being able to join my buddies, knowing that we had achieved our goal and could not be eliminated again. But it wasn’t enough to get to safety ourselves. Every one of our comrades needed to make it as well. They risked so much for us. So we agreed that Jeff would risk his own safety to go back into battle and help them out, while the rest of us kept the chopper secured.

At Bronto, we are used to teamwork and collaboration, but this game of laser tag added a whole new dimension. A group of Bronto directors and execs took time out from our planning meeting to engage in this test of strategy, adaptability and teamwork. Although sweaty and exhausted, the broad grins on our faces confirmed that this was one of the best team-building exercises we had ever shared.


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