Mentorship Program: The Mentee Perspective

Starr Stephenson

Starr Stephenson

What do you get when you put 28 Brontos, ranging from engineers to members of the sales team, in a room together? Well, in this case, you get 14 new sets of mentors and mentees. Welcome to our kick-off lunch for Durham’s inaugural mentorship program.

Women in Netsuite’s (WIN) mission is to advance the professional development of women at NetSuite through recruitment, sponsorship, networking, education and advocacy. Durham’s chapter has worked hard over the past seven months to get the first Durham mentorship program up and running.

At the kick-off lunch, the room was buzzing. Some of us met with our mentors for the first time. I’m eager to be participating as a mentee. I’m somewhat new to Bronto, and not only do I see this as a great opportunity to get to know a team member I wouldn’t normally interact with, it’s also something I think that will help me in my career. I’m about eight years into my profession, and this is the first opportunity I’ve ever been given to have a designated mentor. I’ve worked with some great people, and would even call some of them my mentors. I’m just not sure they know I saw them that way. So, this program has got me really excited.

It doesn’t hurt that my mentor, Kristen Morales, has been at Bronto since 2008. She’s seen the organization grow into what it is today. It also doesn’t hurt that she’s got the whole “being awesome” at her job thing going on, too.

We spent time getting to know one another over a sandwich. As it turns out, she and my husband are both from Long Island, and he actually went to college with her sister. They didn’t know each other, though, which means I won’t get any embarrassing stories about my husband. Darn.

We got to talking about the work/life balance and how she’s basically a superwoman. Or at least that’s now how I’ll see her because she’s amazing. She’s grown both her career and her family, and she did not sugarcoat it for me. It’s just what I wanted to hear and exactly what WIN is all about – empowering women to be successful.

We have lunch planned again for next week, and I can’t wait to learn more about her journey and share mine. Her insight will be invaluable, and if I’m lucky, this quarterly mentorship will become a long-term one.



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