Marketing House of Cards

Scotlyn Campanella, Marketing Associate

Scotlyn Campanella, Marketing Associate

Our quarterly marketing meeting started off like all the rest, with a morning of compelling speakers and interesting topics followed by a delicious lunch. But it ended with kitchen gadgets, mystery moles and a very controversial deck of cards.

With afternoon activities created by our favorite HR guru Cherreka Kiel, we knew we were in for an entertaining afternoon!


The first activity required us to think abstractly, to write down the kitchen gadget we felt described our personality and why. Cherreka read the responses aloud to the group, and we all tried to identify the right teammate. Measuring cups and can openers were the most popular choices, but we also saw a few creative ones, such as a wine opener and the kitchen drawer organizer.

The second activity was called “The Mole.” It tested team bonds and brought out some interesting personalities within our group. Divided into four teams, we were tasked with replicating a card structure hidden in the corner of the room.


We each received an envelope that told us whether or not we were the mole. Moles were tasked with sabotaging their group at all costs. Very little details were given. We were left with a deck of cards, a roll of tape and a fear of who the moles may be among us.

My team began to replicate the structure, paying little attention to the mole mystery. It became more of a joke than a fear, and we all worked well together to create an almost perfect replica of the card structure.


When the time was up, we stepped back from our work and observed how differently each of the other groups had interpreted the instructions and played the game. Some played in constant fear of the traitor, and one group was in complete mutiny and wound up with no replica at all.


We then came together to discuss our experiences and find out who the moles were. To our surprise, there were none! The concept of the mole was meant to test our trust in each other and see how we reacted to the possibility of something bad happening. As expected, the reactions ranged greatly, but in the end, we all came away with the a better understanding of our teammates. These invaluable lessons help us recognize each person’s strengths and weaknesses, creating a stronger team we all trust in.

Overall, it was another successful afternoon of team-building. Stay tuned to see what antics the marketing team gets into next quarter!




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