Los Angeles Brontos Get a New Office

Chase Macaione, Account Executive

Chase Macaione, Account Executive

For 216 days, Bronto LA existed in an office with no windows (or beer), where a Bronto or two were lost forever in a labyrinth of dentist office-esque hallways. Over the course of those seven long months, the pigment in our skin began to fade and our eyes atrophied while working within the sunless corridors of our temporary space.

But hope was not lost, as our fearless Facilities team, with the help of a few local Brontos, fought the good fight and secured a new space.

[Enter WeWork. Clouds part and cherub choir sings.]

On November 2, the intrepid Bronto LA crew packed up our desks, loaded up our cars, and ventured out into the blindingly bright California sun, whose face we had nearly forgotten. Emboldened by the kiss of these warm rays, our team pushed on, trekking 20 blocks straight up Broadway to our new home.

Now we have an ocean view and so many windows we have to wear shades.

Bronto LA New Office1Beer flows in endless streams of golden refreshment, and no one gets lost on the way to the bathroom. The new office has four taps and only one hallway!

Bronto LA New Office2Things have never been better here in the heart of Santa Monica, and Bronto LA is now well- positioned to whoop some serious SaaS.

The new space is amazing, and I feel comfortable speaking for everyone in saying that we are all much happier now. A big thank you to everyone who made this move possible: Cary from WeWork, Olivia Lehman, Lindsey Traub, and Will Bernstein. Our move has helped us feel better connected to the Bronto culture we all know and love. 

We’re very excited to show off the new space, so please stop by and say “Hello” anytime you find yourself in sunny Southern California.

Interested in joining the Bronto team? Check out the exciting opportunities now available at Bronto Careers!


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