A Look Back at Bronto Summit 2017

Gabrielle DePoister, Account Manager

Gabrielle DePoister, Account Manager

This year was my first Bronto Summit, and while I had an idea of what to expect, you never really understand how all the pieces fit together until you’re actually there. There were so many opportunities to learn new things and meet new people during the many top-notch sessions, at the nightly events and even just walking around the hotel.

But the one thing that stands out above the rest is the opportunity we have to share the Bronto culture with our customers. They get to see, in person, the Bronto way.

From interacting with a sales engineer in the Commerce Café to meeting with our strategists in a breakout session, our customers see just how many resources we have dedicated to helping them be successful.

The relationships built and the ideas generated during the event always lead to a flurry of activity once we’re back in the office as we develop plans to help our customers meet their goals well after the conference is over.

Now when I’m on the phone with a customer who joined us for Bronto Summit, they understand all the noise in the background is coming from an entire team of Brontos working together on their behalf – not just at Bronto Summit, but every day of the year. That’s the Bronto way.


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