Dodge, Dip, Duck and Dive

Zoe Shear, Account Development Representative

Zoe Shear, Account Development Representative

As a new employee, I agreed with slight apprehension to help emcee our office dodgeball tournament. My tendency has always been to avoid having objects hurled at me, but I put my game face on, and followed my compatriots to The Cage. Teams of six lined up to play, and before we knew it, we had an all-out brawl to the finish and a surprise underdog win.

With team names like the “The Raging Beavers” and the “Fighting Mongoose,” I knew we were in for some excitement. The seasoned AE and Direct Sales teams were experienced, but round after round, they proved to be no match for the rookie team, ADR-You-Ready. Their name proved to be most fitting, for they were indeed, ready. Stephen Smith was a star, moving nimbly between the hurling balls and often finding himself the last man standing, while the rest of the team provided incredible energy and support.

Though the other teams couldn’t quite compete with the considerable skill of ADR-You-Ready, everyone received a participation ribbon. Special mention goes to Ryan Davoile for Best Ensemble, and Matt Riemen should be recognized for his ultra-strong argyle sock game.

I cannot properly award the title of Best Dodge, but the gymnastic quality of some of Chris Gay’s maneuvers were nearly Olympian. While the underdogs may have triumphed at this tourney, the jury is ultimately out on who takes the title of office champions. According to Matt, “The ADRs better watch their backs … I have a dodgeball under my desk.”

To this, we say, “Bring it!” ADR-You-Ready? YES, WE ARE!


Can’t get enough? Check out more photos from the tournament on our Flickr page.


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