A Day in the Life of a Marketing Strategist

David Taitelbaum, Marketing Strategist

David Taitelbaum, Marketing Strategist

Author Bio

As the leader of West Coast strategy services for Oracle's Bronto Software, David Taitelbaum consults with brands on digital marketing strategy and customer engagement campaigns throughout North America and Asia. He has over 15 years of experience leading ecommerce organizations and developing successful marketing campaigns for companies of all sizes. Most recently, Taitelbaum oversaw global ecommerce operations for City of Sleep, including support, marketing and channel distribution. He is a regular contributor to Bronto’s Commerce Marketing blog. When he is not guiding Bronto’s clients to strategic marketing success, he is spending time at home with his lovely wife, raising their two children.

My name is David Taitelbaum, and I’ve been a marketing strategist here at Bronto for the past 10 months. I’m here to share what a marketing strategist, and really any employee at our Golden State office, encounters on a fairly regular basis.

6:30 a.m.:

I have two young children, so I have absolutely no need for an alarm clock to get me out of bed in the morning. Since I work with clients in Australia, I work later than your typical 9-5 business day, so my wife goes to work first thing, and I hang with the kids until the nanny arrives.

In addition to making breakfast for myself and the kids, I check and respond to email. There are typically a few emails from Aussie clients that were sent overnight and some early morning messages from our east coast Brontos. I also use this time to work on updating my timesheet. Time management is essential for the marketing strategist position, as you are a billable resource and work with a healthy number of strategy clients on a regular basis.

9:15 a.m.:

After walking the dog and getting ready for work, I am out the door. I am lucky in that I live about a mile from our We Work office space. So the commute is laughably easy by Los Angeles standards.

As Bronto’s Golden State office has grown to a staff of nearly 20 in the last year, we actually occupy two offices down the hall from one another: one for our super-duper sales and support team and the other for our quickly growing professional services team. And we’re preparing to add even more space to the PS office as I type.

The two offices have dueling breakfast offerings to stoke those competitive fires and give you a reason to visit the other to say hello.


The space offers lots of perks, including a shuffleboard table on the third floor and taps for both beer and cold brew coffee. While we have nothing as large as the Occupy at HQ, we have been known to get together in the We Work common space on Friday afternoons and catch up over a beer or two.

Our office has also been very involved with NetSuite’s Suite Volunteers program. We’ve volunteered with the Boys & Girls Club of Santa Monica and Found Animals Adopt & Shop, and we are preparing for our big Global Impact Week, where we will make sandwiches for a local food shelter and organize a food drive at our office.


Around 9:30, I keep my calendar open for billable work, which typically comes in one of three forms: client meetings, updating strategy documentation developed during those meetings and preparing for presentations or blog posts like the one you’re reading right now!

12 p.m.:

As this is lunchtime for most of our west coast clients, I hit the gym! If I’m taking a day off from working out, I typically grab a quick bite at one of the dozens of restaurants within walking distance from the office and then take a short walk. With its picture perfect weather, So Cal is known for the idyllic bluffs and beaches of Santa Monica – a great way to get some vitamin D and recharge.


1 p.m.:

Client time begins again, and typically goes until 6:30 or 7 p.m. After lunch, I catch up on email and prepare for the afternoon. As with the morning hours, this time is devoted entirely to client calls and the deliverables that come out of them. Our clients run the gamut as you can imagine. Some are one- or two-person operations, while others are much larger and operate in a half-dozen countries. Some are well-established businesses you would absolutely know by name, while others are brand new. Meeting with clients and helping them with their strategy is my favorite part of the job! I also really enjoy writing blog posts, which is one of my recurring initiatives.

7:30 p.m.:

I am the cook in the family, so when I get home from work, I put on the chef’s apron and get dinner started. After that, we do story time and put the kids to bed. Around 9 p.m., I’ll take one last pass through my email to stay on top of client requests, since it’s already midafternoon the next day in Australia.

So that’s a typical day in the life of a marketing strategist in our Santa Monica office. Want to join me? We’re hiring!




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