Dangerous but Fun: Bronto Holiday Party 2013!

Lindsey Traub

With the holiday season upon us, Brontos and their guests came together (minus the UK office…we missed you guys!) to celebrate another wonderful year of Bronto-ness.  When the social committee started planning, we knew we had to do something a little different because after the usual themes like last year’s casino, we wanted to step it up a notch.  So this year we decided to go with something a little more unique and throw a Vintage

Carnival-themed Holiday extravaganza at The Cotton Room in Durham, NC

Given the fun theme, we got creative with the entertainment and hired a troop of sideshow performers, who were decked out in vintage carnival wear and performed various feats of entertainment.

Sword Swallowing

Sword Swallowing at the Bronto Holiday Party

Some of these performances included sword stepping, "Miss Electra", walking on glass, "Hamburger James" lying on a bed of nails and even a "chubby bunny" challenge involving some Brontos who stepped forth to try their hand at stuffing a ridiculous amount of marshmallows in their mouths.  (If you haven’t played chubby bunny before and suffer from boredom, I highly recommended it).  To top it all off, our fearless leader Joe secured a great local Durham band, The Beast, who definitely got us on the dance floor and kept the party going all night.

The Beast

The Beast rocking it out at the Bronto Holiday Party

We had a huge spread of delicious food including a carving station, hand pulled rotisserie chicken, crab stuffed tomatoes and an entire corner of the room dedicated to desserts.  The ensuing sugar high stemming from those desserts was evident on the dance floor.

Holiday Party

Brontos moving and grooving to The Beast

We also decided to dedicate some specially designed adult beverages to some Bronto employees, including The Melissa Crosby Cotton Candy Martini, garnished with real cotton candy, and the Mark Phelps Old Phashioned (see what we did there with the spelling…so clever.)

And in keeping with Bronto tradition, we handed out some great prizes and brought back an old favorite with the Golden Bronto Superlatives that were voted on by all our Bronto staff. These included "most likely to hoard snacks from the kitchen", "most likely to be carded for buying alcohol", "most likely to wear a t-shirt to a formal event" and "most likely to get into a car accident while checking themselves out in the rearview mirror."

Bronto Awards

Yours truly handing out Bronto awards at the Holiday Party

The competition for these Golden Brontos was actually pretty crazy, apparently there are a lot of hoarders in our office?!  Of course we gave out some fun stuff as well, including a Jambox, iPad mini, a Fathead, PTO, working from our new Australia office, and a conference room dedication.

It was a fun celebration and great ending to the year! We hope everyone else gets to enjoy a party of their own and we wish you Happy Holidays from all of us!

Lindsey Traub
Bronto Account Manager
Social Committee Member

Former McDonald’s Commercial Star


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