Clothes, Clothes, and More Clothes

Mike Ali, Customer Marketing Associate

Mike Ali, Customer Marketing Associate

“I found a fanny pack!” That’s when you know there’s a lot of sorting to be done.

Urban Ministries of Durham depends on generous clothing donations from the community to help the needy in the area, but not everything they receive can be used by their clients. Sometimes, they’re left with excess supplies that they can then share with other non-profits, such as TROSA or Goodwill.

And that’s where the Bronto marketing team came in.


Thirty of us dedicated a rainy Wednesday afternoon to sorting clothes, bagging up what couldn’t be used, and delivering excess donations to a nearby TROSA facility. The team was split into two main groups: one tackled bags of donations and the other organized and made room in storage for the new clothes.


Right from the start, we knew there was a lot of organizing to be done. Not only because of the sheer volume, but the odd variety of donations as well. Fanny packs, bathrobes, individual shoes without a match and sport coats with no buttons. Quality control was definitely required.

Now you may ask, “Hey, it’s a donation. Why would UMD be choosy about what they’re given?” With limited space, they have to focus on supplies for the current season. Urban Ministries provides clothes to keep folks warm during the winter and dry during a storm. Knowing the endgame makes the initial task all the more meaningful.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t have a little fun.


Everywhere you looked, there were volunteers and smiles all around. Our team was so grateful for the opportunity to help others in need.


Even as the dreary Wednesday became a minor monsoon, everyone rallied together to load truck after truck with extra donations and deliver them through early rush hour to the nearest TROSA facility. It was fun. Why? Because, we knew a little sorting could go a long way.


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