Celebrating St. Patrick's Day at Bronto

Mark Phelps

Last year we celebrated St. Patrick’s Day in typical Bronto style including green themed food, beers, and Irish inspired decorations galore. This year we decided to kick it up a notch with the help of our Social Committee, kitchen duty helpers, and Bronto’s resident keg-masters.

The morning started out with our traditional and authentic Irish breakfast of Lucky Charms provided by the Social Committee, along with various milks including lactose free varieties.

Lucky Charms

Susan Wall, our VP of Marketing and kitchen duty helper for the week, got everyone in the St. Patrick’s Day mood by bringing in cookie cake with green icing. Seriously, who doesn’t love cookie cake for breakfast?

Throughout the afternoon the Social Committee decorated the office with St. Patrick’s Day decorations including shamrocks, rainbow banners, and green garland just to name a few.

Once 5pm rolled around, the Social Committee, along with the help of our hop-headed keg-masters Jameson Lopp and Daniel Lowe, threw a St. Patrick’s Day party that would rival anything that could be seen in Chicago, New York, or even Dublin. Green dyed beer flowed from pitchers into the glasses of our thirsty, hard-working fellow Brontos.

Green Beer

Traditional and not-so-traditional Irish fare such as corned beef, Guinness chicken, beef and chicken pot pies, and garlic cabbage filled the stomachs of those employees donned in green (we even let the ones who didn’t wear green have a little as well).

Garlic Cabbage

All-in-all everyone at our Bronto Headquarters seemed to have a great time celebrating the Feast of Saint Patrick. The Irish themed food, beer, and decorations were enough to make anyone feel Irish for a day.

Mark Phelps
Software Engineer
Social Committee Maverick
Muscles Glasses



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