Brontoween 2016

Jen Stone

Jen Stone

Halloween, or Brontoween as we call it, is one the biggest celebrations here at Bronto. We take this tradition very seriously! We love Halloween, and we never shy away from enjoying a little fun in the workplace.

The Social Committee, a group of dedicated Brontos from across the organization, takes charge of planning for the big day. Social Committee members are dedicated to promoting a fun atmosphere all year round, and they take their jobs very seriously. Brontoween is just one of the events they host each year, and they never disappoint. A week before, the group was already decorating the office.

Today, with nearly 100% participation, the Bronto team dressed up as their favorite characters, groups and “things.” What a great chance to learn more about our co-workers’ creativity and artistic talents! As prizes were awarded for the top three individual costumes and the best group costume, much time was spent wandering through the office to see how the competition stacked up.


I might be biased, but Marketing did a great job. In honor of Bronto Summit’s new location for 2017, we decided to go with a “Las Vegas” theme.


While costumes are an essential part of Halloween, we can’t forget the decorations. We also had a company-wide decorating contest, where teams rallied together to decorate their respective work spaces.


At 3 p.m., we gathered for a team photo and then enjoyed some food, beer and sweet treats with our co-workers.


Special thanks to our Social Committee for making this happen. Brontoween 2016 was one for the history books! Want to see more photos from today? Jump over to our Flickr account.


Interested in working for a company that’s growing by leaps and bounds and has a blast during Halloween? We’re hiring! Check out our open opportunities.



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