Bronto Talent: Meet Amateur Game Designer Andy Hunt

Jen Stone

Jen Stone

Andy Hunt is one of Bronto’s talented web designers and front-end developers, but he also does a little bit of everything in the Bronto creative department. For a little more than two years, he has taken on everything from the design and layout of marketing materials, such as white papers, branding collateral, emails and infographics, to the development of Bronto’s websites.

On the side, Andy is a freelance illustrator and amateur game designer. Check out his latest creation – NecronomiCards. I enjoy working with Andy on the marketing team, but I wanted to sit down with him recently to learn more about his range of passions.


When did your love for Illustration begin?
At a very early age. I’ve drawn and painted since I was around 4 years old, and for many years, I strictly wanted to be a fine artist. But I decided design and illustration was the best way to continue my creativity without having to worry about whether or not I’d be able to put food on the table.

You designed a card game, NecronomiCards that was funded on Kickstarter last spring. How did you get started?
It started out as an idea for a mobile game that I really wanted to make, but I didn’t have the app development knowledge to make it myself. I tried to raise money to hire developers, but that didn’t work out. After a while, I decided that the best way to keep the project alive was to rework it into a card game, because I knew that was something I could design, test and illustrate myself. I put the project up on Kickstarter hoping to raise a few thousand dollars, but ended up raising over $48,000 and shipping out copies of NecronomiCards world-wide. Cards Against Humanity helped me fulfill the Kickstarter and still handles my shipping and handling for me. They were also kind enough to let me show off the game in their space at PAX West 2016.

I’m currently getting everything ready to launch another Kickstarter in March to fund the first expansion deck.


What was your inspiration behind NecronomiCards?
I’ve been a fan of horror and weird nerdy stuff as far back as I can remember. NecronomiCards was really born from a lifetime of absorbing horror movies, the old EC “Tales From the Crypt” comics, and authors like H.P. Lovecraft, Robert E. Howard and Robert W. Chambers.

What is one of the coolest projects you’ve ever worked on?
That’s really tough. I’ve had the privilege of doing illustration work for Marvel,, Criminal Minds and a few other really awesome clients. The most fun was probably the time I created a few illustrations that were used in an Adult Swim special for the comedy duo Sharpling & Wurster. That was an absolute blast. I would love to do a project like that again sometime.

On your website, you write, “Always stay hungry and never think you know everything.” How do you stay inspired?
I’m constantly studying other designers’ work to figure out what makes it tick, whether that’s trying to replicate design styles or reverse-engineer a cool interaction on a website. I also spend a lot of time on design blogs and portfolio websites drooling over how much better than me they are.

Do you have other hobbies outside of work?
Aside from personal art and freelance design projects, I’m an occasional homebrewer and an avid horror movie buff. I also cook a lot and mildly obsess over really good food.

What are three things on your bucket list?

  • Be an extra in a Troma Entertainment movie.
  • Tour the distilleries of Scotland.
  • Eat at The French Laundry.

If you could meet one famous person, who would it be?
I would pay top dollar to have a beer with Anthony Bourdain.

Tell me one thing people might not know about you.
About a decade ago, I went through a phase where I was obsessed with carny folk and sideshow acts. I taught myself how to do a few tricks, including fire eating and fire breathing. Then I decided I wanted to have a beard, so I had to retire those from my repertoire.


Andy has the freedom to express his creativity every day. As a result, his creative passion shows in his work both here at Bronto and outside of work. This Illustrator, designer and horror nerd’s appetite to learn more makes working here even more exciting.

Interested in working with people who are passionate about their craft? Join us!




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