Bronto LA Goes Home Again

Chase Macaione, Account Executive

Chase Macaione, Account Executive

Earlier this month, Bronto LA moved to a new office for the second time in our two-year history. We moved back up the 20 or so blocks we first traversed when we moved into WeWork last year and landed right next door to our original office in Santa Monica.

This may leave you asking, “But, Chase, why move twice just to end up right back where you were?” We didn’t. We ended up next door.

Perhaps more importantly, we ended up much better off overall.

As many of you know, Bronto was recently acquired by Oracle, who already had office space in Santa Monica. Once we all became one big corporate family, Oracle asked us to move, being the type of corporate younger brother that loves a good reunion, we were more than happy to oblige.

So we packed up our belongings, bid adieu to our almost ocean view and the awesome staff at WeWork, and hoofed it back to 26th Street to settle into our new digs. 

This was my third move as a Bronto, having relocated to LA from our headquarters in Durham, NC when the office opened. With this most recent move, I feel like my journey has come full circle, as we’ve moved back into an office that feels more like our HQ.

From the free drinks in the fridge and the standing desks to the Donkey Kong and Ms. Pac-Man machines in the lounge and the huge outdoor space, the new office feels like home. And as my colleague Amir said in his post earlier this month, “Bronto HQ is, simply put, amazing.”

Thank you to everyone who helped coordinate this move and make it possible, including the great resources on Oracle’s facilities team and our own Will Bernstein and Steven Entezari. We’re all settling in and really enjoying our new space. Come check it out!



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