Bronto Helps Cover Over 18,000 Bottoms

Jan Leonhard

“Covering as many bottoms as we can” is one of the primary goals of Diaper Bank of North Carolina. Recently, a dozen Brontos happily volunteered at DBNC to help them toward that goal. We had fun bonding, counting and packaging diapers, and creating pallets full of leaning towers of diapers. In less than three hours we carefully piled diaper packages on over 3 pallets (diaper Jenga anyone?) Each pallet can hold 6K diapers, or 240 packages of 25 diapers each! Fun with a purpose!

Michelle Old, who founded DBNC, told us about the growing need for diapers throughout North Carolina and how her group works with various organizations to help families in need. She also mentioned that DBNC helps to meet a variety of other needs as well, including the collection and distribution of feminine hygiene products, cloth diapers and adult incontinence supplies. She explained that they do research to see what is needed and how best to help. For example, starting next month, DBNC will provide a monthly mobile diaper pantry that will visit Cumberland County to serve the needs of military families.

I’ve done a lot of volunteering in my three years at Bronto, and I’m happy to say this is my new favorite! DBNC did a great job organizing the day and helped us make the most of our time there with a number of important tasks. I felt like the work we were doing was really making a difference. I will definitely be back to volunteer again!

To learn more about Diaper Bank of North Carolina, check out their website.




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