Bronto Gives Back, One Diaper at a Time

Jen Stone

Jen Stone

The Diaper Bank of North Carolina was founded on the simple belief that all children deserve clean diapers. Amazingly, one in three infants in North Carolina has to go without a clean diaper because their parents are forced to choose between food and diapers. This organization attempts to aid those families by providing clean diapers and other needed hygiene items. They are really making a difference. In the month of June DBNC distributed over 260,000 diaperds, helping 5,200 children. This was the largest monthly distribution ever.

This week, I had the opportunity to work alongside 15 colleagues to help wrap and pack diapers for families in our community. I love working for a company that gives back to the community. The Diaper Bank deploys volunteers to repackage donated diapers to minimize storage needs for their partner organizations and provide diapers in quantities that aid as many families as possible.

The DBNC Diaper Bank Co-Founder Michelle Old makes a compelling case for the value of a diaper bank. There are no government-funded social service programs that cover diapers. Michelle started off our volunteer session by telling us that 78% of the diaper recipients are working one to three jobs. One of their biggest recipients is military families. DBNC supports 500 military families each month by filling up a truck every first Saturday of the month and making their only direct delivery to Fort Bragg. Talk about rewarding!

Helping families provide diapers can also reduce trips to medical clinics, as trying to extend the time between changes can lead to infected diaper rashes. And the Diaper Bank distributes the free diapers through organizations that help families meet other needs such as food banks, home nursing services and public health clinics that provide immunizations.

DBNC’s vision is for every family in North Carolina will have access to basic necessities to support their dignity, health, and quality of life. There are many opportunities to get involved, such as hosting seasonal diaper drives for DBNC, volunteering time and talent, or something as simple as repackaging diapers. These tasks can be done by any age and can be done sitting or standing. I’m looking forward to our next visit. The opportunity to work together with colleagues from every department here, some from other global business units, helps us connect what we do on an entirely new level.


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