Bronto Europe Rises to Tradition

Jake Potter

Jake Potter

Friday, 12 February, was a unique day in the Bronto UK office. The team got our hands dirty to paint pictures of Travelin’ Bronto, and many of the group had to perform their Stupid Human Tricks.

Finding Our Inspiration

It was quite a tense afternoon. With Palladio playing through the speakers, all of us were called to the centre of the office with one mission: express ourselves through the medium of paint.

Each of us had a canvas. Some had prepared by creating stencils of the Bronto logo, others decided to paint free-hand, and one group painted a large canvas together. We played classical music to calm our nerves, paint and palettes aplenty.

Paint Night in UK

The result: A Bronto painted into every background you can think of, ranging from a simple Brontosaurus with a pink background to a Union Jack Flag. It was hard to pick a favourite. For me, the winner is the group canvas: a picture of Bronto making it into space, in a spacesuit, surrounded by other planets and stars. The Bronto UK team is a creative bunch.

Showing Our Rare Talents

The Stupid Human Trick is a long-standing tradition at Bronto, and after Jen’s rapping performance at the Durham office, it was decided that the London office would join in, too.

All Brontos who joined between January 2015 and February 2016 would perform. The team prepared for 17 performances.

The tricks were varied, ranging from some questionable magic shows to balloon art to ambidextrous writing. Bronto UK has many talents.

After 15 performances, it was my turn. Having performed alongside Jen while visiting in the US, this meant I had to do mine for a second time. As a Zumba Instructor to the elderly on the weekends, I decided to show the team “Zumba Gold” — a low-intensity, seated, dance-based exercise class designed for the elderly, those with restricted movement or new to Zumba.

Stupid Human Trick

I’ve just joined a “good job in the city,” so I made sure the team “didn’t lose a minute of sleepin’” as they did their best “Proud Mary” routine. The result: Over 30 people trying Zumba for the first time.

Starting a new job is scary, and doing your Stupid Human Trick is even scarier. But all Brontos start their career in the same way, giving the 300 strong team an immediate common ground.



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