Bronto Celebrates Our First Year in New York

Tim Dorris

Tim Dorris

Greetings from The Big Apple! This week marks the one-year anniversary of the opening of our New York office. It’s hard to believe a full year has passed! Some wonder, with so many New Yorkers moving south for warmer weather and a lower cost of living, why we are here?

When we set up an office in London, we confirmed the great value in having a physical presence in our major markets. Having salespeople on the ground to stop by a prospect’s office or grab coffee throughout the sales process definitely helps us build those connections with potential customers, generate new business and support our clients. And our partner network and other folks in the commerce ecosystem have a significant presence in these major metro areas as well, so by being local, hosting events and providing lunch and learns, we’re able to help keep Bronto top of mind.

Having a local office has also allowed us to open up the hiring pool to a much larger network of talent with experience in tech, commerce, marketing, etc. And we’ve assembled quite a stellar team so far!

Matty1Matty Wentworth, a President’s Club-achieving Account Executive full of southern hospitality and charm, relocated from the Durham office as the first sales rep based in NYC. He has played a critical role on the team, both in terms of bringing in new business and helping new hires with onboarding.

NY_GregPortnoyGreg Portnoy then came on as a Channel Manager to oversee our partner relationships in the Northeast. He brings solid experience in sales and technology and is quickly building a network of “all roads leading to Bronto.”

NY_Pete2Shortly thereafter, Pete Johnson joined the team, bringing with him 20+ years of sales experience. Pete has added valuable entrepreneurial and ecommerce expertise, as well as plenty of corny jokes, to our group.

NY_BradleyBerryAt the same time, Bradley Barry came on board. With 20+ years of sales experience and a strong track record in financial services, he displays a real poise in customer meetings. He’s an avid swimmer and kickboxer, so we don’t mess with Bradley.

NY_MatthewBarbourMatthew Barbour recently joined the office as a mid-tier Account Manager. He has solid account management experience and oversees relationships with a wide range of customers. In his spare time, he likes to play tennis and hike.

NY_KimBeard1And we can’t talk about the team without mentioning Kim Beard. Although she’s based in the Durham office, she was the top performer for the team this year and regularly travels to NYC to visit prospects and participate in events.

Maintaining a great company culture has been extremely important to Bronto from the get-go, and with the growth of our local team, we’ve been able to start developing our own office culture with some NYC flair. We participate in many local events throughout the year, so it can be tough to wrangle everyone together for a happy hour. But when we do, we enjoy having a beer together from the keg in our office or popping next door on a Friday afternoon to one of many bars filled with the after-work crowd. We’re also looking forward to organizing some team-building events in the new year, as well as some volunteer opportunities for our group.

There certainly are advantages to being in New York, but it doesn’t come without its own challenges. But with challenge comes greater satisfaction when you achieve. We are on track for a stellar year, but while we’re focusing on our ever-important goals, we also plan to continue having some fun in the process. No doubt, 2016 will be awesome.

Learn more about our current opportunities at Bronto Careers.

Bronto NY Team


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