Active Committee Presents the Bronto Physical Fitness Challenge

Cherreka Kiel

The Active Committee has been very busy this quarter. We had an extensive recruiting campaign and secured two new members: Haley Robinson and Erick Vienrich. As part of our goals we wanted to offer fun, engaging, and activities with friendly competition for Brontos.

Motivated by the old school President’s Physical Fitness Challenge, the Bronto Physical Fitness Challenge was born. We had 6 weekly events that were judged based on number of repetitions in a one or two minute interval.

We had a great time and people surprised themselves by working up a sweat in only a couple of minutes of exerting themselves. Brontos laughed, cried, and a few complained but above all we were ACTIVE. A huge thank you to all who participated!

The weekly challenge winners are as follows:

  • Hula Hoop challenge: Tara Miller, over 2 minutes and completed the hul-obstacle course
  • Jumping Jacks: Kevin Thornton, 103 in 60 seconds
  • Push-ups: Bobby Davong
  • Sit-ups: Sarah Foulke
  • Planks: Kevin Thornton, 5 mins planking
  • Shuttle Run: Brian Burnett, competed in 8.32 seconds
Hula Hooping

Melissa Crosby competes in the hula hooping competition



Carolyn Sparano rocking the plank hold

All Brontos are encouraged to participate in one Active Committee event annually. We look forward to seeing you all for activities in 2014!

Cherreka Kiel
Recruiter at Bronto
Active Committee Member
Proud Mother