A Day in the Life of an Account Manager

Jen Stone

Jen Stone

Here at Bronto, our customers come first. In fact, we’ve been recognized for outstanding customer service for the  Stevie® Awards 10 times.

An important aspect of customer service is our amazing account management team. You may know already, but an account manager maintains the company’s existing relationships with its customers.

So what does a day in the life of an account manager at Bronto really look like? I sat down with two members of our team to learn more.

First, what do you do? How long have you been here?



Andy: I am senior account manager and have been with the company for two years.






Lindsey: I am a senior account manager, and I’ve been here for just about five years.


How does your role fit in with sales?

Andy: Account management is the highest-grossing revenue producer for Bronto, as we manage all new customers and work with them on reaching the goals that they set when coming to Bronto. I learn about my customers so I can provide added resources, value and service enhancements.

Lindsey: Account management is basically the retention side of sales. We keep customers happy and renewing their contracts with us, which involves wearing a ton of different hats – from salesperson to strategist to support person to dev team. You name it, we have probably done it!

What is the most interesting part of your job?

Andy: I work with retailers from a lot of different industries, and they all look at email marketing slightly differently. It’s interesting to learn about their views and their goals.

Lindsey: I think the most interesting part of my job is that I get to see so many different sides of my customer’s business and how Bronto can help them be successful. Every customer has unique needs, and it’s fun to find new ways to make our tools work for them, such as building new workflows to remind someone to meditate more, or triggering a message that offers a free pair of cowboy boots if a shopper converts in the next few hours.

What kind of qualifications do you need to excel at this position?

Andy: To be successful at Bronto, the ability to multi-task is huge. As a senior account manager, I do a lot of in-person presentations, so being comfortable walking into an unfamiliar place and sitting with executives is a must.

Lindsey: Being calm under pressure is key. People will call you and vent to you, and it might be because their dog won’t stop barking or because they sent the wrong email. Whatever it is, they want you to listen.

What’s the best part about working at Bronto?

Andy: I love my team. And the Bronto culture is something our customers are aware of and feel a part of.

Lindsey: I love the people and the culture. We’ve done an awesome job of hiring, and because of that, I’ve made close friends at Bronto. This also feeds into the culture. We are so open, laid-back and fun, which makes it easy to feel welcome and grow within the company. As far as perks, free beer in HQ on Fridays never hurts, and neither does the membership to the YMCA to help you work off those beers!

One surprising thing you learned about Bronto after working here?

Andy: I was pleasantly surprised with the detailed training about the industry and the platform.

Lindsey: I initially thought that a Bronto was NOT a real dinosaur and was told many, many times by customers about this fact. Then magically, the archaeology world decided that it is in fact a real dinosaur. I would like to call everyone and tell them. #vindicated


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