What’s 8,000 Miles Between Teammates?

Jan Leonhard

Not much, when you’re at Bronto.

I recently had the pleasure of welcoming two new members to our marketing operations team. Lanie Bongabung and Jaryl Fabio are working in NetSuite’s Manila office in the Philippines, a mere 8,743 miles from our office in Durham. To bridge the distance and make them feel like part of the Bronto family, I tried to do a few things I consider to be just part of “the Bronto way.”

Lanie started a few days before I arrived in Manila. While I wasn’t there on her first day, I made sure an email was waiting for her in her inbox, welcoming her to the marketing operations team with pictures of her teammates and a brief description of what we do. It also introduced her to the larger marketing team and included fun pictures from Brontoween 2016 and a recent team-building laser tag event. There’s nothing like silly pictures to give you a real view into your new team, especially when your VP is dressed as a drag queen in Vegas!

When I met Lanie in person, I presented her with a bag of Bronto swag. In addition to the typical notepad and pens that most companies give you on your first day, we also gave Lanie a t-shirt, Bronto freakers, stickers and lots of other fun stuff.

That afternoon, I introduced Lanie to the rest of the marketing team via email and shared five fun facts about our newest teammate. The next day, she was greeted at the office by a herd of inflatable brontos. These brontos are also a fixture around our headquarters in Durham, so we wanted to bring them to the new space, too. She logged in to her email to find 20+ welcome emails from her new marketing teammates, most of whom commented on a connection they had based on one of her favorite things.

I spent the first three days training Lanie, having lunch together and introducing her to people around the office. I took this opportunity to present some people with Bronto swag bags in appreciation for all the help they’ve given us.


Later that week, Jaryl Fabio started with Bronto. With only one and one half days together, we had to do all of the above at a much quicker pace! But before I left, Jaryl told me that even though we had only worked together a short time, he felt like we had worked together for 100 years.

On Friday, as I was preparing to return to the US, they both wore their Bronto t-shirts:


Since then, we’ve stayed in daily contact. Lanie and Jaryl even sent me a few pictures from their recent Christmas Party. They took Travelin’ Bronto along for the ride! Definitely “the Bronto way!”


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