2015: A Year of Giving Back

Laura Bowman, Manager, Project Management

Community involvement and volunteering has always been a high priority for us here at Bronto. As we enter the new year, let’s look back at our efforts from 2015.

Last year, we were pleased to see that 91% of Durham Brontos volunteered in the local community through the Bronto Community Program, now called SuiteImpact Durham. Collectively, the team spent 1,940 hours participating in 90 hands-on events at seven of our partner organizations, including over 300 hours during Global Impact Week.

Here’s a breakdown of the year’s contributions:

2015: A Year of Giving Back

Additionally, we also organized five clothing, food and supply drives, collecting donations worth 260 hours of participation to benefit Urban Ministries of Durham, Ronald McDonald House of Durham and Habitat for Humanity of Durham. And quite a few generous Brontos also donated blood and platelets throughout the year. These activities put our total community outreach for 2015 at 2,210 hours. What a commitment!

While we appreciate any time that a Bronto can give during the year, we wanted to recognize a few Brontos who went above and beyond. A big thanks to our top ten volunteers for 2015!

Top Ten Volunteers

2015 brought some changes and fun additions to our program, such as Global Impact Week, the Triangle Christmas Tree Challenge, Great Demolition with Habitat, giant sorting events with the Food Bank, and building chicken coops for SEEDS. The increase in available volunteer hours per employee and a new registration process with automated hour tracking also had a great effect on our success in exceeding our goals.

Thanks to my awesome fellow Community Committee members – Susan Wall, Mike Gottlieb and Kristen Lessen – for helping lead our team in such a strong volunteering effort this year. We look forward to an even more exciting year ahead. Way to go, Brontos!

2015: A Year of Giving Back